Complete Noob's
Guide to Asherah
All About Yer Dag-Nabbed Skills

(Most of which is probably at least sort of accurate some of the time)

Please note. There are presently 35 skills in the game. These skills effect very nearly every aspect of gameplay except walking and chatting. Below is a comprehensive review of each of the skills in the game. Included are notes on the method by which the skill levels up and what tools, weapons or spells are used. This information was drawn primarily from the engine itself. Anecdotal notes, set out as anecdotal, have been added. These should not be relied on as absolutely factual, but, in a pinch, may be useful. Please notice that some skills have a lot written about them and some have rather little. This reflects the state of the engine.

As with all the other pages on this site, if you like this page and use it, bookmark it and come back whenever you need to. This insures a) that you have the most accurate information possible, b) that we get hits to the page. These hits improve our search engine ranking, allowing more people to learn about the game! If you have comments, corrections or suggestions please leave them on the forum or email us. Keep coming back!

Please watch this very fine video from your friends on YouTube, which demonstrates several skills we will be discussing today, including Parry, Dodge and Thrust. Also Ho and Ha. This will come in very handy when you start to work on Staff Fighting.

Skills Video

Table of Contents

Introduction to Skills

First you need to be able to find your skills. Look in the upper right corner of the GUI (Graphical User Interface or "the screen").

Click on the hammer. A menu of skills will open. To scroll through them use the red "up" or "down" arrows (the red things that look like a wishbone and a V). The numbers next to them indicate your level in that particular skill.

Whenever you do an "action" (something involving holding down the tab key like wood chopping, fishing, watering the garden, wielding a sword, casting a spell, etc.) you accumulate skill points. A skill is "maxed" when it reaches 90, although you can still accumulate skill points to 100. Skill points are awarded randomly based on an algorithm in the program and below you will find tables with the ratios for many of the skills.

There are three kinds of skills - work skills (woodcutting, fishing, farming, etc.), fighting skills (parry, thrust, swordsmanship) and mage skills (blessing, illusion, etc.). There are also "elemental skills" (earth, fire, wind, water), although generally we lump them in with the mage skills since they often, but not always, rely on spells.

Work skills are, at first, slow to accumulate. As you level up, they are awarded faster and the closer you get to 100, the more frequently or more reliably you will gain resources from that skill. For instance, when you start lumber jacking it takes 18 strokes to fell a tree and you get lumber only once in a while. By 100 lumber jacking you will be felling trees and getting logs every third tree. Still not a good as Plone's two strokes, but not bad. The early fighting skills, on the other hand, start out fast and then slow down. Each skill has the same general algorithm for progress, but some skills are "easier" than others. They take fewer resources, or can be maxed much faster. Fishing, for instance, is now our fastest skill to max (it used to be more difficult). The only thing you need to fish is a fishing pole. They can be purchased for 100 gold from Kin, who has a fishing shop franchise. Look for him near "fishable" lakes. You can go from 0 to 100 in about 50 minutes. You don't have to do it all in one sitting.

Blacksmithing, on the other hand, takes a blacksmith hammer, access to an anvil and then loads and loads of broken armor, metal chunks or ingots. It's still the most difficult skill, but much easier than it used to be. Skip down to the section on blacksmithing to see why and how things have changed.


At this point every player starts out as an Adventurer. As you gain levels on your skills, you are assigned a new profession. The professions are listed with the specific skills.

The profession now reads: Novice Fisherman

Medals/Attribute Boost/Score

When you reach 90 in certain skills you receive a medal that will appear on your bio screen and a boost in your stats. Only 19 of the 35 skills award medals and attribute boosts at this time. The skills that give a medal and stat boost are listed in the section on that skill.

Points are added to your score as you accumulate them for some skills. For instance, at Level 90 in fishing, 126 points were added to the example character's score. When you reach 100 in any skill, points are added to your score. As you can see in the example, after maxing fishing, the char's score is 209, but it started at 73, so fishing added 136 points. Farming on the other hand, in our experiments, didn't add anything to the score.

This shows the maxed fishing
in skills, the change in profession, and the score boost.

When Your Fighting or Magery Skills Stop Levelling

At a certain point you will notice, or suspect, that certain skills have stopped levelling. Some skills require membership in a faction to progress. Check the information below for the skill to see if you need to join a faction. See the section on Factions for more information.

Fighting Skills

The relationship between skill level and attack power isn't completely straightforward. Although each weapon has a static attack power, other factors are also taken into account. For instance, for certain weapons, a fraction of one or more skills will be added to the base attack power. For instance, when you use a sword, your attack power is determined by the sword itself plus by your skill levels in slash, thrust, swordsmanship and fencing divided by several arbitrary values. This means that the "attack power" button on your GUI may not give you an accurate reading. Another player with different skill levels than you who has the same weapon equipped could get a different number.

Your Attack Power button. Nifty but not necessarily reliable.

Because of the complexity of the algorithm, we cannot (and won't even try) to give you an absolutely accurate assessment of your Attack Power. For our players who are interested in surgical precision when calculating their game play (for instance, "I will need precisely 42 white crystals to get to the next level of martial arts"), this can be frustrating. I'm going to make a huge digression here, but bear with me, because a) it informs game play and b) it's nifty to know.


A Large Digression
About Cars
And Why We Can't Tell Precisely
How Much Damage You Do

Not a real car. Professional
driver on closed track.
Some results may vary. Close cover
before striking.

Imagine you go to a car dealer to buy a car. There's a sticker on it that says 32 Miles Per Gallon (MPG) (or if you're in a metric country, it says something about liters. Or litres). In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the standards for fuel consumption. A car fresh from the assembly line, representative of a new make and model, is run through a battery of EPA tests designed to simulate "city" and "highway" driving conditions. The car is cold-cranked and driven for 31 miles between 20-56 Miles Per Hour (MPH) with 23 stops. The results of the test are reduced by 10% (so even if the car gets 30 MPG on the tests, the manufacturer is only allowed to claim 27 MPG).

The car is then driven 10 more miles without stopping, between 48-60 MPH. This figure is reduced by 22%. In the third test, the car is driven at speeds of 48-80 MPH, with four stops and "jackrabbit" starts, covering 10 miles in 8 minutes. This time, the test is run in an ambient temperature of 95 degrees with the air conditioner running to simulate city driving in the summer. The last test involves driving 3.6 miles at 22-54 MPH with five stops and long idle times in an ambient temperature of 20 degrees with the heater on to simulate city driving in the winter.

It's a pretty good set of tests and yields a good estimate of fuel consumption for a particular type of car under optimal "normal" driving conditions. But it isn't absolute. Even if you know what the "sticker MPGs" were for your car, after a while these results will deteriorate. Your soot-filled engine and dirty air filter will reduce your optimal MPG. Your oil (two quarts low, and the color and consistency of molasses) will get fewer MPGs that the new car, whose oil is the color and consistency of fresh honey dripping from a honeycomb in a hive in a high Alpine valley whose bees have been serenaded for months by beautiful blonde yodeling Swiss girls). Your crappy bald tires will have a bearing on your MPG also. And then, factor in winds of 60 knots, in 0 degrees, going up a mountain in first gear in a snowstorm while hauling a Fifth Wheel loaded with granite boulders. NOT going to get the same results.

Thus it is in SOA. "Realistic variables effecting results" was intentionally coded into the game. Although your character is not going to suffer from performance degradation based on "wear and tear", many factors with random values were included to either boost or detract from your attack power. So be like me. Have fun with the game. Don't get caught up in the details. I never get caught up in details. Especially not totally tangential ones. I always stick RIGHT to the point. Every time.


But seriously, I hope that explanation makes it easier to understand why, when players say "How come you can't calculate my dmg exactly, because I don't want to waste time or resources", we can't give you an answer. And, of course, I know YOU would never run your car with a dirty air filter or oil.

List of Skills
This is the list of skills, listed in the order they appear on the skills menu. Again, you can find the skills menu on the right side of the GUI, in the third position from the left.

  • Slash
  • Thrust
  • Parry
  • Heavy Arms
  • Axe Fighting
  • Swordsmanship
  • Fencing
  • Magery
  • Black Arts
  • Unholy Combat
  • Archery
  • Blessing
  • Sorcery
  • Musicianship
  • Staff Fighting
  • Illusion
  • Hammer Wielding
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Block
  • Martial Arts
  • Wizardry
  • Wrath
  • Punch
  • Cooking
  • Alchemy
  • Lumberjacking
  • Carpentry
  • Fishing
  • Blacksmithing
  • Mining
  • Shovelling
  • Farming

  • Slash
    If your Slash level is under 45 and you are in the Fighter Class (which at this point everyone is) you are classified as a Grunt. If Slash is over 25 your little name on your bio becomes Fighter. Over 60 and you're a Swordsman If your Slash and Fencing are both over, you become a Master Swordsman

    If your Slash is above 90, you can enter areas designated for "Slash Masters" only by going over the Slash Master Platform. You could, that is, if there were any such places in the game.

    When you "max" Slash, you will be awarded the "Medal of Weaponry" and one point will be added to your Strength Attribute.

    Depending on how high your slash level is, it will add att points to any sword used - anywhere from 1 to 7 att points.

    There is a Slash Book available that will randomly add between one and six points to your Slash.

    What levels Slash?

    • Dagger
    • Knife
    • Dirk
    • Axe
    • Gold Axe
    • Elven Axe
    • Short Sword
    • Dark Sword
    • Dark Scimitar
    • Unholy Lance
    • Broad Sword
    • Knight's Sword
    • Scimitar
    • Long Sword
    • Gold Sword
    • Laser Sword (not available)
    • Sword of Hope
    • Rune Sword (not available)
    • Star Sword
    • Pharoah Sword
    • Ice Sword
    • Fire Sword
    • Blossom
    • Graedus
    • Guardian
    • Blizzard
    • Black Falchion
    • Flame Saber
    • Thunder Blade
    • Hammer
    • Thor's Hammer
    • Katana
    • Scimitar
    • Bo


    Thrust is integral in wielding swords. Your thrust skill will add 1-7 points to your sword attacks and 1-6 points to your Hammer attacks.

    Stamina and Wisdom both have a bearing on whether or not your Thrust levels up provided your Slash is under 30. Your Thrust must be OVER 60 to level Heavy Arms.

    If your Thrust is over 50, you are classified as a Jouster. If your Heavy Arms is over 70 and your Thrust is over 60 you are classified as a Gladiator.

    If you are under 77 in Thrust you can obtain a Thrust Book which adds 1 to 6 points to your thrust.

    When you reach 90 in Thrust you will be awarded The Golden Lance and receive two Strength attribute points.

    The following weapons level up thrust:

    • Dagger
    • Knife
    • Axe
    • Gold Ace
    • Elven Axe
    • Short Sword
    • Dark Sword
    • Dark Scimitar
    • Unholy Lance
    • Broad Sword
    • Knight's Sword
    • Scimitar
    • Long Sword
    • Gold Sword
    • Laser Sword
    • Sword of Hope
    • Rune Sword
    • Star Sword
    • Pharaoh Swword
    • Ice Sword
    • Fire sword
    • Dirk
    • Blossom
    • Graedus
    • Guardian
    • Blizzard
    • Black Falchion
    • Thunder Blade
    • Hammer
    • Thor's Hammer
    • Katana
    • Scimitar
    • Bo


    At its most basic level, Parry helps you dodge attacks. The higher your parry the more likely you are to avoid attack. These are the odds of avoiding an attack by dodging, based on your Parry skill level:

    LevelRatio51-601 in 50
    1-101 in 9061-701 in 40
    11-201 in 8571-801 in 35
    21-301 in 8081-901 in 31
    31 to 401 in 7091-961 in 24
    41-501 in 6096-100n/a

    If you are in the Adventurer Faction, your odds of parrying increase by 4.

    You can purchase a Parry Book (though at the moment the terms are unclear) that will add between 1 and 6 points to your Parry skill if you Parry skill is below 77.

    Parry is one of the instrumental factors in calculating the attack power of staves. The higher your parry, the more dmg you'll do with a staff. In fact it can add from 1 to 6 attack points to your staff dmg. It also adds 1 to 6 points for any Martial Arts weapon.

    The algorithm (a beautiful word and one everyone should know) for Parry is a little clearer than the others. The table below shows that the higher your Parry Level the more difficult it is for you to level up.

    LevelRatio51-601 in 21
    1-101 in 361-701 in 27
    11-201 in 971-801 in 32
    21-301 in 1381-901 in 36
    31 to 401 in 1491-1001 in 40
    41-501 in 17Over 100Banned
    If Parry is more than 25, you are classed as a Fighter. Over 45 and you are a Grunt. At 90 you receive the "Medal of Evasion" and receive one stamina point.

    Once your Parry skill is over 50 you will begin to advance in the art of Block.

    Heavy Arms

    Your Thrust Skill must be at 60 before you can begin to level Heavy Arms. Wisdom has some bearing on how your Heavy Arms points accumulate, but the relationship is not, at this time, clear. When you reach 90 in Heavy Arms you receive the Golden Hammer and receive two strength points.

    There is a Heavy Arms book that you can procure that will net you a random 1-6 point increase in Heavy Arms.

    • Axe
    • Gold Axe
    • Elven Axe
    • Broad Sword
    • Knight's Sword
    • Long Sword
    • Sword of Hope
    • Rune Sword
    • Ice Sword
    • Fire sword
    • Hammer
    • Thor's Hammer
    • Mining Hammer
    • Blacksmith Hammer
    • Ice Hammer
    • Fire Hammer

    Axe Fighting

    Axe Fighting, like Heavy Arms, is advanced based on your Wisdom. Only three weapons level up Axe Fighting - the standard axe (used for woodcutting) the Golden Axe and the Elven Axe. The standard axe will only level up Heavy Arms if you face a monster opponent, not when you're woodcutting. There is neither a medal nor an attribute boost when you max Axe Fighting, but it will add points to your score.


    You must have at least 50 in Slash to begin leveling Swordsmanship. Stamina and Wisdom both affect your ability to level up Swordsmanship. When you use any sword, and as your Swordsmanship increases, between 1 and 6 points are added to your attack power.

    If your Slash is above 60 and your Swordsmanship is above 50, you are classified in your Bio as a Swordsman. If your Slash is above 60, and both Swordsmanship and Thrust above 50, you are a Jouster. When you reach 90 in Swordsmanship, you will be awarded the Swordsman Plaque and three strength points and two stamina points will be added to your attributes.


    If your weapon is a sword, you will receive between 1 and 6 extra attack points. Stamina and Wisdom both effect whether you level up in Fencing. You must have more than 20 Swordsmanship to begin advancing in Fencing.

    If your Slash and Fencing are both over 80 and your Swordsmanship is over 90, you will be classed as a Master Swordsman in your bio. Fencing will not give either a medal or attribute boost.

    These are the weapons that level up Fencing.

    • Short Sword
    • Dark Sword
    • Dark Scimitar
    • Unholy Lance
    • Scimitar
    • Long Sword
    • Gold Sword
    • Laser Sword
    • Ashura
    • Forged
    • Kotetsu
    • Tempest
    • Blizzard
    • Black Falchion
    • Flame Saber
    • Thunder Blade
    • Katana

    After getting to 29 or 30 in Magery, you will need to join the Mage Faction. If you belong to the Mage Faction you will receive a bonus for Mage Actions. Between Level 50 and 60 you will receive 1 extra point. Between 61 and 70, you will receive 2 bonus points and above 70 you will receive 3 bonus points.

    If your Magery is under 20, you are classified as an Apprentice Mage.
    Between 21 and 40, you are a Novice Mage.
    Over 90, you are a Master Mage and will receive the "Purple Oracula" and 1 Dexterity Point. This is interesting because we don't HAVE Dexterity points. (It actually adds a stamina point.) You must be over 90 in Magery to enter an area that has a Mage Master's platform. At the moment there aren't any of these areas in the game (but if you have an idea of how to use it effectively, by all means, let me know. I'm thinking some special quests, perhaps.).

    If your Magery is over 80 and your Sorcery is over 60 you are a Sorcerer.
    If your Magery is over 80 and your Wizardry is over 60 you are a Wizard.
    If your Magery is over 80 and your BlackArts is over 60 you are a Necromancer.
    If your Magery is over 80 and your Unholy Combat is over 60 you are a Death Knight.

    Wearing the following items will increase your spell power.

    • White Robe, +1
    • White Tiara, +1
    • Wizard's Robe, +2
    • Ceramic Armor, +2
    • Mage's Ring, +3

    For a list of spells that level up Magery, where they're sold, by whom and the price, check out this Magery Page

    Black Arts
    Black Arts is increased by using the spells Raise Dead and Hold. Raise Dead is a nifty little spell that you cast on a tombstone and it generates zombies. Hold temporary freezes yer enemy (and your friends, and people you don't give a flying **** about) to one spot.

    Check out the page on Spells to find more about specific spells that level Black Arts, where they're sold and by whom, for how much and the crystal cost to cast them.

    You will not get either a medal or an attribute boost for maxing Black Arts.

    Unholy Combat
    If your Unholy Combat is below 77 you can get a book that will add between 1 and 6 points to your Unholy Combat skills.

    Only three weapons raise Unholy Combat.

    • Dark Sword
    • Dark Scimitar
    • Unholy Lance

    Anecdotally, it appears that in order to level UC past 30, you have to join the Mage's Faction. However, UC will stop levelling sometime between 77 and 80, despite whichever of the three prescribed weapons you use. According to Apoc (11/4/2013) Baldon had, years before, done some research on this and found that the only thing that would level up UC from 80 to 100 were Orc Lords. Why this would be the case, I don't know. On the 15th, Apoc started trying it and levelled his UC to 100.

    You will not get either a medal or an attribute boost for maxing Unholy Combat.

    Archery is levelled by using bows. These include, the Hunter, Short, Steel, Long, Elven, and Wooden. Crossbows (Wooden, Silver and Runic) also level up Martial Arts.

    If your Archery is under 30, you are an Apprentice Archer.
    At 90 Archery you receive the "Silver Arrow Trophy" and one extra intelligence point.
    If your Archery is more than 95 you are a Master Archer.

    If you are using a bow, your att power will increase by between 1 and 20 attack points based on your Archery Level and 1 to 16 points based on your Martial Arts. Additionally arrows give you a boost of between 6 and 25 attack points.

    The "natural" bow strengths (not including the arrows) are:
    • Hunting Bow - 1
    • Short Bow - 6
    • Wooden Bow - 11
    • Long Bow - 16
    • Wooden Crossbow - 21
    • Great Bow - 26
    • Silver Crossbow - 36
    • Night Killer - 46
    • Assassin's Crossbow - 56
    • Elven Bow - 56

    Blessing is the most common mage skill - in fact it's the default mage skill. If a spell wasn't assigned a specific mage skill, it is, by default, accumulates Blessing skill points.

    Invoking spells that use Blessing raises your Spell Points by 1. Using Plum Cap or a Heal Rod adds 4 and 5 to your Blessing Spell Points.

    Check out the page on Spells to find more about specific spells that level Magery, where they're sold and by whom, for how much and the crystal cost to cast them.

    If your Magery is 80 or more and your Sorcery is higher than 60, you are classified as a Sorcerer in your bio. Blessing will not give you a medal or attribute boost.

    Summon Creatures is a Sorcery Spell. If your Sorcery is below 40, you summon pigs. If it's above 40, you summon cows.


    A selection of musical instruments
    none of which work.

    Musicianship is NOT an active skill in the game. I'm not sure why because a number of instruments were coded into the game, as you see above. It's impossible to guess precisely why they weren't implemented, although they once (very long ago) were given away as special items to special people. I seem to remember Baldon gave Eviclya a flute in early 2004. It seems likely that its non-functionalness (?) derives from the fact that there is supposed to be a spell called "Music" that isn't in the program.

    Staff Fighting
    DO NOT FIGHT WITH THE STAFF. If you fight with the staff, you could get banned. Oh, wait. Wrong kind of staff. By the way, the plural of "staff" is "staves" not "staffs".

    Types of staves are:
    • Wooden Staff
    • Steel Staff
    • Lord's Staff
    • Gold Staff
    • Dark Staff

    Wisdom is taken into account when calculating how fast Staff Fighting levels.

    Staff fighting will not give you a medal or an attribute boost.

    Check out the page on Spells to find more about specific spells that level Illusion, where they're sold and by whom, for how much and the crystal cost to cast them.

    Maxing Illusion will not give you either a medal or an attribute boost.

    Hammer Wielding
    Obviously, hammers are the weapon of choice here. They include
    • Mining Hammer
    • Blacksmith Hammer
    • Thor's Hammer
    • Ice Hammer
    • Fire Hammer

    Stamina and Wisdom both effect how you level up in Hammer Wielding.

    The next four skills (Fire, Water, Wind and Earth) are "Elemental Skills". They each have "gods" associated with them, with orbs specific to their element, orb platforms (areas you could only enter if you had the right orb) and Mages that received specific bonuses for using the spells of their particular element. If an orb was dropped onto an "opposing" element platform, something interesting was supposed to happen. Obviously, the system was thought out in some detail, but unfortunately, it wasn't completely developed and exists in a vestigial form in the program, somewhat like the tail and gills that appear in the developing human. Who knows what purpose they served, if any, at what some distant point in the past, and when and under what conditions they were dropped from useful development.

    There are however, still weapons that are augmented by the use of a spell. For Fire, they are, Fireball, Fireword and Firebolt.

    Check out the page on Spells to find more about specific spells that level Fire, where they're sold and by whom, for how much and the crystal cost to cast them.

    Fire Mages automatically get one extra point added to their Spell Power. Bonuses are also given for using certain Fire-related weapons or equipment for Fire Mages viz:
    • Fire Rod +5
    • Flame Saber +2
    • Blaze Plate +4
    • Plum Cap +4
    • Fire Shield +5
    Maxing Fire will not give you either a medal or attribute boost.

    Check out the page on Spells to find more about specific spells that level Water, where they're sold and by whom, for how much and the crystal cost to cast them.

    Splash and Ice are the only water spells.

    Water Mages automatically get one extra point added to their Spell Power. Bonuses are also given for using certain Water-related weapons or equipment for Water Mages viz:
    • Monsoon Mail +4
    • Water Rod +5
    • Blizzard +2
    • Plum Cap +4
    • Ice Shield +4

    Maxing Water will not give you either a medal or attribute boost.

    Whirlwind and Windwave are the two Wind Spells.

    Wind Mages automatically get one extra point added to their Spell Power. SpellPower bonuses are also given for using certain Wind-related weapons or equipment for Wind Mages, viz:
    • Plum Cap +4
    • Wind Rod +5
    • Thunder Blade +2
    • Tempest +2

    Check out the page on Spells to find more about specific spells that level Wind, where they're sold and by whom, for how much and the crystal cost to cast them.

    Maxing Wind will not give you either a medal or attribute boost.

    Earth spells are Crush and Stone Skin.

    Earth Mages automatically get one extra point added to their Spell Power. Bonuses are also given for using certain Earth-related weapons or equipment for Earth Mages viz:
    • Earth Rod +5
    • Plum Cap +4

    Check out the page on Spells to find more about specific spells that level Earth, where they're sold and by whom, for how much and the crystal cost to cast them.

    Maxing Earth will not give you either a medal or attribute boost.


    Once your Parry has reached 50, you will automatically begin accumulating Block skill points. As with Parry, these are the ratios for how often you can block an attack.

    Block can increase your hammer wielding and martial arts attacks by 1 to 6 attack points.

    LevelRatio51-601 in 50
    1-101 in 9061-701 in 40
    11-201 in 8571-801 in 35
    21-301 in 8081-901 in 31
    31 to 401 in 7091-961 in 24
    41-501 in 6096-100n/a

    If you are in the Adventurer Faction, your chances of blocking improve by 10.

    When your Block reaches 90, you will be awarded "The Shield Crest" and two points will be added to your Wisdom.

    There isn't a Block Book.

    Martial Arts
    Flailing away without a weapon equipped will raise your Martial Arts.

    Weapons that raise martial arts are Ashura, Forged, Kotetsu, Katana, Tempest and Scimitar in the Sword Class The Bo in the Staff Class levels MA as do all of the crossbows and the Smoke Bomb Spell. If you have maxed your martial arts, you can enter areas blocked off with a Ninja Master's Platform. We don't have any of those in the game at the moment.

    If you are using a Bo, your AttPower is between 5-13.

    Wisdom will effect how fast your Martial Arts Levels.

    Ar 90 you are awarded Oraku's Sash and receive three points total - one each in intelligence, wisdom and strength.

    At 90 you will be awarded the Wizard's Crest and receive one extra skill point in Dexterity. If your Magery is over 80 and your Wizardry is over 60 you are a Wizard.

    The following spells level up Wrath:
    • Meteor
    • Radar
    • Bolt
    • Magic Shield

    If you use the Plum Cap or the Black Falchion, your Wrath will be taken into account. The Plum Cap will add four spell points and the Black Falchion, two.

    Check out the page on Spells to find more about specific spells that level Magery, where they're sold and by whom, for how much and the crystal cost to cast them.

    Maxing Wrath will not give you either a medal or attribute boost.

    You can level up punch barehanded. If your Punch is below 25 you are classified as a Brawler. If it's over 45 you're a Boxer. A fraction of your Punch figures into the use of your martial arts weapons - adding between 1 and 6 Att Points.
    Maxing Punch will not give you either a medal or attribute boost.


    This is a stove, used for cooking food.

    Cooking is usually done after Fishing, or at least started. Although there isn't anything to equip, you do have to stand in front of a stove. Stoves can usually be found either on main screens in town or in cookshops, taverns, and houses. You can also cook food on a campfire, but it takes twice as long and campfires are notoriously difficult to find in the game, primarily because players pick them up and cart them away.

    At this point, the only things you can cook are fish and squid.

    These are the ratios of probability of making (not burning) food. They look dreadful, but they really aren't as bad as they seem.

    1-101 in 19051-601 in 120
    11-201 in 19061-701 in 100
    21-301 in 17071-801 in 70
    31 to 401 in 16081-901 in 50
    41-501 in 15091-1001 in 20

    This table shows how likely you are to burn food at various cooking levels. If you burn food, you don't lose it. It remains in your inventory and you can cook it again.

    1-101 in 351-601 in 11
    11-201 in 561-701 in 13
    21-301 in 771-801 in 15
    31 to 401 in 781-901 in 18
    41-501 in 991-1001 in 100

    Each time you attempt to cook, you have a 1 in 8 chance of levelling up. If your cooking skill is under ten, you are an Apprentice Cook. Over 40, you're a Novice Cook, and over 90 you're a Master Chef. You are awarded the Silver Spatula and receive 1 extra point for Stamina. Lower stamina allows you to get hungry which, in turn, causes your armor to break faster. That's important if you want to stockpile broken armor in order to level your blacksmithing skills, since in the early stages, you level it by repairing broken armor. Currently we have several NPCs who sell broken armor so it isn't really imperative that you keep your stamina low for that purpose. But if it's a consideration, you might want to wait a while to completely max your cooking skill until you have your cache of broken armor to repair.

    Alchemy is another of the "long skills". From a practical standpoint, alchemy is used to make potions, which replenish your HP or MP and are absolutely indispensible for safe travel and fighting. In the fine, manly days of yore, it took from 400-600 potions (and a week to two weeks) to get a newblet from RThorp to Arthos. This was before "I ran all the to Arthos dodging monsters" became the common practice. Of course "I ran all the way there" is followed by "Oops, I need low-level monsters to level my HP on because I got to Arthos on 51 HP and now I can't do anything". So stay in Rthorp, make your potions and take your time. But I digress.

    Potion, Spells, and Elixers are covered in another part of the site. Please check it out.

    This table shows your probability of successfully making a potion at each level.

    1-101 in 20051-601 in 120
    11-201 in 19061-701 in 100
    21-301 in 17071-801 in 70
    31 to 401 in 16081-901 in 50
    41-501 in 15091-1001 in 20

    This table shows your probability of "messing up" a potion.

    1-101 in 551-601 in 11
    11-201 in 761-701 in 13
    21-301 in 771-801 in 15
    31 to 401 in 781-901 in 18
    41-501 in 991-1001 in 100

    You become a Master Alchemist at 90, and are are awarded the Golden Bottle medal, and one is added to your wisdom. Two hundred points are added to your score.

    Lumberjacking is one of the first skills that most people work (after fishing and farming). You can only use the "normal" axe to do lumberjacking - the other two axes (gold and elven) are totally useless. But then, gold is a soft metal and elves are known for gambolling in fairy circles (too lazy to make their own circles, I suppose) and making shoes, not chopping down trees, so it all makes sense.

    Not all trees are cuttable. Cuttable trees are those in the red circle. The rest are purely decorative, to one degree or another.

    If you are on a "work enabled screen" and you find one of these trees in an accessible area, you can cut it down for lumber. There are numerous woodcutting screens in every town. If two or more people are on the screen, trees will regenerate faster.

    When you reach 90 in lumberjacking you receive the Oak Medal and receive one point in strength.


    Each time you engage in an act of carpentry you have a 1 in 9 chance of advancing in the art of carpentry.

    When you reach 100 you are awaded the "Bronzed Saw" and you receive two attribute points, one for intelligence and one for wisdom.

    • Up to 14 you make chairs
    • Between 14 and 25 you make stools
    • Between 25 and 30 you make tables
    • Between 30 and 50 you make tables, chairs, stools and crates
    • Between 50 and 60 you make tables, chairs, stools, crates and more chairs
    • Between 60 and 80 you can make tables, chairs, stools, crates, and cabinets
    • Between 80 and 100 can make tables, chairs, stools, crates, cabinets and wind cabinets.

    If there are multiples in the "what you can make list", there is a "one in as many chances as there are items in the list" to make that item. That is, if you can MAKE an item it will be one of the items listed. If there are four items listed, you have a one in four chance of making each of those items IF you make an item.


    Fishing is the easiest and fastest skill to max. If your fishing is above ten, you will be classed as an Apprentice Fisherman, and above 40 a Novice Fisherman. When you reach 90, you will be designated a Master Fisherman and will receive the Golden Rod and one point will be added to your intelligence.

    You need a fishing pole and to face fishing tiles. You must fish from a pier. At this point you cannot fish from the side of a river or lake, or from a boat. Any time you begin to fish you have a 1 in 16 chance of levelling up. If 19 fish are on the screen, you will not be able to gather more fish.

    • To level 15 - Raw Fish
    • 16-40 - Trout
    • 41-60 - Catfish
    • 61-80 - Swordfish
    • 81-100 - Squid
    1-101 in 2851-601 in 14
    11-201 in 40061-701 in 12
    21-301 in 2471-801 in 10
    31 to 401 in 2081-901 in 8
    41-501 in 1691-1001 in 5

    Curiously, the fishing pole can also be used as a weapon, with a random 1 to 3 attack power and is classified as a stave.

    Blacksmithing is, by far, the most difficult of the skills to max. It is accomplished with a blacksmithing hammer in front of an anvil. You can get a blacksmith hammer for 100 gold from Cril in any mine with a mining shop.

    This is an anvil.

    You whenever you begin to smith something, you have a 1 in 18 chance of levelling up your BS skill. When your BS is at 90 you will receive the Gold Medal, two strength points and two stamina points.

    From the moment you see the message: "You begin to smith..." you will have the following chances of crafting/repairing an item.
    1-101 in 46051-601 in 240
    11-201 in 40061-701 in 150
    21-301 in 35071-801 in 110
    31 to 401 in 34081-901 in 40
    41-501 in 32091-1001 in 12

    Blacksmithing and crafting are very much intertwined. There isn't a separate "crafting" skill, but crafting is subsumed under blacksmithing.

    From an historical perspective, blacksmithing has always been a huge challenge. Not only are the levels more difficult to accumulate than in other skills, but it is resource heavy and requires large amounts of mining. In the early days of the game, only a few people maxed BS and it took somewhere between six and eighteen months. Furthermore, nobody in the history of the game levelled their BS up "naturally" to 100. Everybody who made it to 100 had ssistance from the admins, either in the form of chunks or point boosts. The first person to come close was the infinitely patient Ivona, who started the game in September or October of 2003 and, playing several hours each day, reached 90 in the late summer of 2004. It was grueling. Baldon gave her an extra five points and she was able to soldier on and finish. The next person maxed it several months later, again with a 3-5 point boost. But then, in those days it took several months to get the strength necessary to visit all the towns.

    Was this awful, horrible and abusive? Absolutely not. And here's why. This game is (ask anyone who's played it) not as much about awesome gameplay and heart-stopping action. It's about community. It's about interacting, getting to know each other's online personnas. It's about commeraderie with people all over the world whom we would never have the pleasure of knowing without something that keeps us together. It's not like a chatroom where everybody is there to promote their own personal agenda and make converts out of the rest of the people. It's something else. It's an attachment that grows over time - not something that you walk in and say "Hey, I belong here now". So we need time. If you simply want to play A GAME, there are tons of far better games out there on the market - better graphics, better soundtracks (soundtracks, period!), more action, smoother physics, etc. But this is the BEST GAME because it provides a certain indeclinable "something else". But in order to develop that you have to actually BE here, and the hook, historically, has been the desire to develop those long skills. We find when people rush through the game, they get bored and leave. Period.

    And that's kind of what happened when we started "dumbing down" the skills, and selling skill points. People stopped caring. People stopped PLAYING.

    So we're still looking for that perfect balance.

    These are mining rocks used for mining

    This chart graphically and intuitively tells you which of the rocks in the game are not mining rocks and which are. The ones with X's aren't, and the one with the happy, smiley face is. There. Very intuitive.

    And this is the mining hammer used to break the rocks.

    Mining is one of the pivotal skills in the game. It is accomplished by equipping the mining hammer, facing a rock of the kind you see above and holding down tab. You have a 1 in 22 chance of levelling up anytime you "attack" a rock. If your mining is under ten (and you don't have any other designation) your "class" in your bio will be "Apprentice Miner". Above 40 and you will be a Novice Miner and over 90, a Master Miner. When you reach 90 you are awarded the Medal of Stone and one strength is added to your attributes.

    Also, and this is anecdotal, at 90 also (or thereabouts) the speed of your mining hammer will slow perceptibly. I cannot find any reason for this in the engine, but it certainly appears to be happening. The chart below represents the ratio of breaking a rock. You can see that as you level up, you will break the rocks faster, until at 100 it takes three strokes.

    1-101 in 1851-601 in 10
    11-201 in 1561-701 in 8
    21-301 in 1471-801 in 6
    31 to 401 in 1381-901 in 4
    41-501 in 1291-1001 in 3

    Whenever you break a rock you have a possibility of mining a crystal or a chunk. The algorithm is rather more complex than, for instance, the algorithm for farming, and I won't bore you with the details, which won't be of any use anyway. Suffice it to say, the higher your mining level the more chances you have of mining one of the six crystals or 12 chunks.

    The crystals are blue, red, yellow, purple, green and white. They are used for casting spells, shooting arrows and making potions. See our page on Crystals for much more information.

    The chunks are:
    • Chunk of Star
    • Chunk of Ruby
    • Chunk of Emerald
    • Chunk of Sapphire
    • Chunk of Pink Quartz
    • Chunk of Jade
    • Chunk of Obsidian
    • Golden Chunk
    • Chunk of Silver
    • Chunk of Star
    • Chunk of Steel
    • Chunk of Iron
    Below are the probabilities of getting one of the above chunks any time you break a rock. There isn't any order to the drops (Steel will not always follow Star, for instance) and Gold and Silver are as likely to drop as any of the other chunks.

    1-101 in 10051-601 in 60
    11-201 in 9561-701 in 50
    21-301 in 9071-801 in 40
    31 to 401 in 8081-901 in 30
    41-501 in 7597-1001 in 25

    As your mining level increases the probability of mining more than one crystal at a time also increases. After 90 (when your mining hammer seems to slow), your rate of "drops" will also slow but you should get more crystals per drop. The crystal graphic will look the same. If you merely load them into your inventory without looking at them, you will not know that you have picked up multiples. Thus it appears that your productivity increases, although your apparent speed decreases. There was also talk years ago that after reaching 100 in mining, one could not mine chunks anymore, but that certainly isn't the case now. The table below will show how likely it is to mine multiple crystals (up to 12 in one "bundle").

    1-101 in 151-601 in 4
    11-201 in 261-701 in 4
    21-301 in 371-801 in 5
    31 to 401 in 381-901 in 5
    41-501 in 391-1001 in 6

    There can only be a total of 19 items on the screen. Keep your crystals and chunks picked up regularly so that they can continue to spawn.

    Having two or more people on the screen will increase the regeneration rate of rocks.


    This is a shovel, used for shovelling.

    Shoveling has been removed from the "regular" game.

    Notice that with the shovel equipped you can make a very nice hole in the ground.
    But observe!

    You can also make holes in buildings!

    Still more holes.

    And whereas that's all very amusing and stuff, if you put a shovel hole on a wall you can walk through it. Viz:

    Muahahahha. I laugh at your door.

    Additionally, people can (and have) tunnelled through walls into non-mapped areas from which they have to be retrieved. It wouldn't be so bad if they would sit quietly and wait for a rescue, but no, they have to scream and spam broadcast: "OMG this game is s***! I was minding my own beeswax being nice and escorting little old ladies across the street and saving flood victims and all of a sudden the big mean awful game HACKED MY CHARACTER and threw me into this pit of darkness and I can't move! And the power-abusing admins are keeping me here - forever! I've been here forever! They're ignoring my innocent and pathetic cries for assistance! Locked in darkness! Oh, the darkness! Oh woe is me!" which is both a) completely incorrect and b) really bad for player morale.

    Technically there are only four tiles that can be "shovelled", and they are G1, G3, H1 and 01. Too bad the program can't figure that out.

    Now there are a couple of things. All airship-safe building interiors should be immune to shovelling and all interiors should also be set to "non-attack" so you shouldn't even be able to use the shovels inside. There are, however, some 2,500 building interiors, so, as with airships, it's taking a long time to go through these and reset them (we still have about 1,500 to go). Unfortunately, when we have to import the maps from another folder, many of the map preferences revert to the default and we have to manually reset each map.

    However, shovelling IS still programmed into the game. You have a one in 12 chance of levelling up shovelling when you have the shovel equipped and "attack" an appropriate tile.

    When you max shovelling, points are added to your score, but you don't receive any attribute points or a medal.

    We do occasionally (on holidays, especially) have shovelling events which either consist of "free shovelling" in a set of closed screens or a contest to see who can gain the most shovelling levels in the shortest period of time.


    (Historical Note: When the game started, farming was levelled by hoeing empty "land" tiles until they became cultivatable.)

    This is a hoe, formerly used for farming.

    Old Garden Plots

    And here it is hoed.

    Then the players would plant seeds, water them and they would grow. The problem is that watering was a process that took every bit as long as tilling up the ground and gave the player nothing. So Baldon, in his infinite wisdom, changed the "operant farming device" from the hoe to the watering can. All the farm tiles were changed to the tilled ground and players could simply plant seeds and water to level up farming.

    Seeded plot with watering bucket. Notice there aren't any "vines" growing.)

    Seeded tiles with vines

    Water until the vines appear, then stop. Plants will appear randomly on planted tiles. The rate of growth of plants is based on a lot of factors and cannot be predicted.

    Roses growing on seeded tiles.

    Likelihood of "vining" a tile while watering, based on your Farming Skill. You have a one in 12 chance of levelling up each time you use the watering can on a tile.

    1-101 in 1851-601 in 10
    11-201 in 1561-701 in 8
    21-301 in 1471-801 in 6
    31 to 401 in 1381-901 in 4
    41-501 in 1291-1001 in 3

    When your farming level reaches 90 you are awarded the Earth Pendant and receive one stamina point and three intelligence points.