Secrets-of-Asherah Guide to Shop Commands
Please Note For information on buying shops, see the donations and shopping page. For information on how to set up a shop, see the page on building buildings.

When you buy a shop, you automatically get a unique NPC that you personally own. You can program this NPC to buy and sell items for you at whatever prices you set. The first items you sell will be those from your own inventory. However, your shop runs 'round the clock, even when you aren't online so if you program it to do so, players can sell items TO your NPC at the price you designate. Then the items they've sold to your NPC become part of his inventory and he can then sell those to other players. In other words, although you can restock your NPC manually, if you have set your buy and sell prices attractively, the players themselves will keep your store perpetually stocked. You can remove money from your NPCs till as needed.

Baldon's Guide to Managing Shops

Hi Folks,

If you've just purchased a shop, and now you want to get into the busy business of buying and selling with your NPC, I'll tell you how! Its really quite easy.

First you always address your NPC by his name, otherwise he doesn't know who you're speaking to!

For instance, say my NPC was named Relk. If I wanted to know what Relk had in his inventory, I would type:

Relk Inventory

And he would say:

Relk says "I have 633 gold."
Relk says "I have 32 logs."
Relk says "I have 0 apples."
Now, if I wanted to take out some of Relk's 633 gold pieces, I would say:

Relk register 300

He would give me 300 gold directly into my inventory, and be left with 333 gold. If you want to give your NPC more gold, simply walk up to him, face him, and "drop" the gold onto him.

If you wanted to add a new item to your NPC, it follows this formula:

Relk set Chunk of Iron=300,150

300 is the price he will sell the Chunk of Iron for, and 150 is the price he'll buy it from other players for.

If you have an item that your NPC has and you don't want him to sell them anymore, use this command:

Relk remove Chunk of Iron

and he will no longer sell the chunk of iron.

These are the basics for controlling your shop NPC!

July 3, 2008


How do you add the items?
Sell the item to the NPC. Click on him to open his window and then select the item and proceed exactly as you would if you were selling an item to any other NPC. When he has received the items and placed them in his inventory, he'll say "OK Boss, I've added that item!" If you set the sell price very low (to keep from using up his gold) be sure to reset it to the normal wholesale price for other players.

What if I get banned?
Depending on what you get banned for, your shop privileges may or may not be suspended. If, for instance, you found a way to hack or macro items (as has happened in the past) and you are found to be selling those items, you forfeit your right to have a shop.